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My two cents on Eurovison Song Contest, Kyiv 2017

I used to be a fierce fan of Eurovision in the past, but in the recent years I am not following the event that closely. I watch the shows a day after they are aired and without any prior knowledge of the songs and artists representing their countries. The show itself is a colourful one; with strobe effects, singing about love, peace, sock-less guys in suits 😂, girls in bridal dresses and other clichés. Well, that’s the funniest part of the Eurovison. The music isn’t that important. 😂

So, I am watching the Eurovision this year in Kyiv, which proudly has the motto: Celebrate Diversity. Fine! And what I see are three MALE hosts, welcoming everyone in the Ukrainian capital as the show starts. They cannot speak proper English (celebrate diversity) and their humor and dialogue makes no one laugh. And then, it becomes tooooooo boring when they announce the results. GOD, get it over with!

Then there is Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala, Jamala and more Jamala, the last year’s Eurovision winner. I mean, she was everywhere in the show. Enough with Jamala! Where is the diversity? Not at Verka, another Ukrainian contestant, for sure. And there is Jamala again, even when a member of the public showed his ass on stage, Jamala was there!

Then there were again Cyprus 12 points from Greece and Greece 12 points for Cyprus, booed when these exact results were given by the respective spokespersons. Oh now, that we have Australia, 12 points go to the UK. I mean, diversify a little bit, y’all!

Speaking of the songs, my favorites were: Iceland, the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova (firstly: very Eurovision and secondly: their stiff leg move) and and and Hungary! I do appreciate the fact that the country chose a Roma singer to go to Eurovision as he was genuine and sang from his heart. The only moment where Celebrate Diversity was applied during the whole show.

Albania’s Lindita did VERY well, but the country hasn’t really understood what Eurovision stands for. The song was good and somewhat too serious, but for sure way better than Latvia. Lindita gave 150% and it was a great performance. Macedonia went disco and I liked the song, while Montenegro went nuts! I mean, the guy cannot even sing!

Well, seems like this is the last year Israel is participating, since there are some changes in the public broadcaster, and the future is unclear, at least for now. To fill the gap, maybe EBU should look for countries in Africa and Asia.

To wrap it up, Eurovision is fun, fun, fun. See you next year in Portugal, unless the winner refuses to welcome Eurovision in his own country. He wasn’t even happy that he won. Like: WHATEVER! But the song was different and nice, especially when he performed it with his sister. Yodel-yodel-yodel-it! Bye for now Europe (including Israel and Australia)!

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