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Traditional meets modern in Jonida's stage costume ...

Jonida Maliqi will take to the stage on Thursday 16th. of May, wearing a stunning black and gold creation designed by Ardi Asllani. It is perhaps interesting to learn a little more about the thought process behind this dress. As you may know, the song "Ktheju Tokës" is a chant inviting people to return to their homeland. The song has elements from all Albanian territories and indeed stretches across the borders. The ethnic elements in the song are echoed in the dress that Jonida will wear in Tel Aviv, especially by the traditional Albanian women's jacket dress, called xhubleta. (In the area around Tirana, this was given to the bride as a gift, the day after the wedding, by their Mother-in-law)

In the past, Albanian women wore similar costumes at festivities such as weddings, but also for more sombre occasions. 

Since the early 1990's, when the communist regime came to an end, many Albanians, felt that their future would be brighter abroad. Many, if not all Albanian families have loved ones living far away and this is something close to Jonida's heart, as her older sister lives in Cyprus. In recent interviews, Jonida has highlighted the fact that her sister is her inspiration and for this reason "Ktheju Tokës" (Return to your land) has a very personal and emotional significance. 

Check Jonida's performance Thursday at 21.00 (C.E.T) on your local TV.

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