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“Tirana Sessions” – Eneda Tarifa to promote tourist Tirana through music

Eneda Tarifa is jamming at the New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), with the song "Zëri im" (My voice).

“Tirana Sessions” promotional project involves eight Albanian artists, who will promote eight of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Tirana, through a unique way, their music.

Alban Nimani, Eneda Tarifa, Beatrix Ramosaj, Bojken Lako, Alban Ramosaj, Kamela Islamaj, Marsela Çibukaj and Vitmar Basha will convey through music the emotions and magic experienced when visiting the capital, which is transformed into a European city where the modern and the past intertwine in perfect harmony.

New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri) , Skanderbeg Square The Clock Tower etc, are some of the landmarks that will represent the vision of today’s Tirana oriented to progress and preserving its identity.

Erion Veliaj - Major of Tirana

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj via a Facebook post said that “Music has the power to connect and bring about the change.

Tirana Sessions is a promotional movement through which several singers connect their art to some of the most interesting landmarks in the capital.”

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