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Eneda Tarifa; What goes around, comes around!

Albanian artist Eneda Tarifa, (ESC 2016) was invited at TV show "Xing me Ermalin" on TV Klan and, as expected, she was asked about Albania's most recent Eurovision entry . After a little pause, she started laughing by saying that "Lindita gave it her best and it was a very good performance" ... then she continued by saying "It's enough, shall I say the truth, I am not here to tell the truth, I came here to be funny"

The host didn't look very surprised about Eneda's answer and that's why he continued this conversation by saying that Eneda had "hit" Lindita once through a Facebook status, while Eneda said that basically that was an answer to Lindita's Facebook status about her song "Fairytale", after she won the national final in Albania "Festivali i Këngës" by saying "What goes around, comes around".

Off cameras both of the artists have only been saying positive words about each other, but this "media fight" was initiated from the Facebook status update of Lindita right after the premiere of the revamp of song "Fairytale" (Albania ESC 2016 entry).

"People are tired of depressing, dramatic and shouty songs. We live in a time where we want rhythm, relaxation and happiness, to forget problems. Enough with depressing songs!! They are old-fashioned now. It seems like we always hit the replay button.”

As the old saying "Revenge is a dish served cold" in Eneda's case it was served very very chilled, cause her answer to this came almost one year after, right after Lindita's victory on FiK 55, by reposting Lindita's Facebook update with the words “Isn’t it time to bring back last year’s status, lovely Lindita?”

There have been no reactions after Eneda's answer to Lindita, but when we asked Eneda about this, she said literally "Seriously, Lindita is a great girl and performer...and she obviously has a great sense of humour"

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