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Juliana Pasha's (ESC 2010) advice to Lindita

In a interview for "Good morning Albania - The weekend edition" on RTSH 1 (National Albanian Broadcaster), Juliana Pasha (Albanias participant of ESC 2010) said that she had reached for Lindita, right two days after the finals of Festivali i Këngës by congratulating her personally on her victory and sharing her performance on her social media. In this interview, conducted by the show host and comentator of Albania, Andri Xhahu, Juliana gave also some advice for the forthcoming participation of Albania in Eurovision, by saying that Lindita should try to enjoy this wonderful experience and that she should be focused on the general jury rehearsals, because they are extremely important for getting the necessary votes to get into the finals of Eurovision.

Juliana, now one of the most wellknown artists in Albania,was invited to present her music video of her latest hit "Jeto" (Live), a song that talks about human trafficking and had promised that all of the earnings of this song will go to the fight against this ugly phenomenon. She also talked about her instagram statement of the beginning of this month where she had said "there's many songs out there with just two - three words the are getting many views, likes and attention from the audience, but I hope that my song gets many views and likes, not so much because of me but because of its message"

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